Natural Gas Platforms, Kinsale, Co.Cork | J.S. McCarthy

Natural Gas Platforms, Kinsale, Co.Cork

Client Marathon Petroleum Ireland Limited

Marathon Petroleum operates two offshore natural gas platforms, Alpha and Bravo twenty-one miles due south off the Old Head of Kinsale under licence from the Irish Government.

JS McCarthy has undertaken an off-shore annual maintenance painting schedule for Marathon since 1984. The schedule can be as varied as completing a “spider deck” at sea level from means of a fixed scaffold to completing a section of the main deck underside, 100 metres from the sea level with access by means of abseiling.

In a recent expansion to the facility which required” Jet Fire” certification, JS McCarthy applied a passive fire protection “Chartek 7” to a total area of 1780M2.

Due to the complexity and hazardous working environment associated with working offshore continuous training and education of our craftsmen is required in order to comply with stringent health / safety and work practice requirements.

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