Aughinish CHP Exhaust Stacks | J.S. McCarthy

High Temperature Coating to Exhaust Stacks at Aughinish C.H.P

Project Team

Client Aughinish C.H.P
Main Contractor SNC Lavalin Constructors Ireland Ltd

Project Description

JS McCarthy Ltd was employed by SNC Lavalin Constructors Ireland to Grit Blast the externals of the Exhaust Stacks & Breeching Ductwork and apply a specialist high temperature Industrial paint specification to withstand the high steel temperatures of the Stacks and breeching Ducts.

The works were carried out with the generation station in production resulting in a steel temperature on the Exhaust Stacks & Breeching Ducts of between 110 to 130oC, during grit blasting & coating application.

As part of the contract JS McCarthy Ltd had to provide all access scaffolding to carry out the works.


  • The entire surface of the Stacks & Breeching Ducts were power, fresh water, washed to remove salts & surface contaminants
  • The entire externals of the Exhaust Stacks & Breeching Ducts steel surface of the bridge were grit blasted to Sa2.5 Standard
  • Apply 1 full coat of Hi-Temp 1027 Primer at 125 microns
  • DFT Power fresh water wash & hand sand to remove dry spray
  • Apply 1 full coat of Hi-Temp 1000V HA Finish at 50 microns DFT

*All edged, rivets, bolts were strip coated between spray coats

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