ESB Moneypoint | J.S. McCarthy

Ship Un-loader No.1 and Associated Conveyor, ESB Moneypoint, Co.Clare

Project Team

Client Electricity Supply Board

Moneypoint generating station is part of the Electricity Supply Boards power generating business unit and is situated on the banks of the river Shannon in County Clare. It produces electricity from steam generation burning coal and heavy fuel.

Ship un-loader No.1 and associated conveyors are located on a jetty where coal is offloaded.

Project Specification / Description

JS McCarthy has successfully completed within a six week programme the maintenance painting of steel structure to the ship un-loader. The contract was inclusive of the provision of a scaffolding structure to access boom, underside of winch and electric houses. Where access was not possible by the scaffolding a crane and basket was used. All works were programmed in order to allow other trades carry out essential electrical and mechanical repairs. Whilst this work was in progress JS McCarthy also painted the structural steel to two coal conveyors 120m long again within the agreed programme.

The specification for all the above works was, power fresh water washing to 6,000psi spot / sweep blast to corroded areas. Application of a touch-up / strip coats of a surface tolerant epoxy aluminium, high build coating followed by a full coat of an epoxy and polyurethane system.

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