Hibernian Molasses New Depot | J.S. McCarthy

Hibernian Molasses New Depot

Project Team

Client SvG Hibernian Molassas
Main Contractor W.I Limited

Project Description

JS McCarthy Ltd was employed by W.I. Ltd to apply specialist coatings to both the internals & externals of 7o Bulk Storage Tanks. The total surface area of the tanks was 16,7000m2.

JS McCarthy Ltd provided all labour, plant and equipment to carry out the contract. All Works to the internals were carried out as confined space entry.


The tanks were power washed to remove salts & surface contaminents etc.

All welds & areas of primer breakdown were prepared as follows:

  • Internal Spot Grit Blasted to Sa2.5 Standard
  • Externals cleaned to St3 Standard

The  tanks were then painted as follows:

  • Spot Primed with Branth Orange Primer at 50 microns DFT
  • 3 Full coats Branth Korrux 3 in 1 at 70 microns DFT per coat with all welds strip-coated between coats.

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