ESB Moneypoint Jetty Piles | J.S. McCarthy

ESB Moneypoint Jetty Piles

Project Team

Client ESB Generating Station


J.S. McCarthy Ltd was employed by ESB Moneypoint to provide Access Platforms, Safety Standby Boats and to Grit Blast the existing coating down to low water mark. A marine anti corrosion protection was provided to 192Nr, 2m diameter Jetty Support Piles.

JS McCarthy Ltd provided all, labour, materials plant & equipment to carry out the works including designing a specialist access platform system to carry out the works in the tidal zone.


  • The complete surface of jetty piles were power fresh water washed to 3,000psi to remove salts, marine growth & other surface contaminants.
  • The exposed surface of the jetty pile was grit blasted to Sa2.5 Standard.
  • Suspend work ( due to rising of tidal waters)
  • (Recommence works at low tide) Power fresh water to remove salts & surface contaminants. Check salt levels were below the specified limits.
  • Apply one full coat of a high solid modified epoxy barrier coat that is capable of curing under immersion conditions to give a Dry Film Thickness of 500 microns, when cured, ‘spark test’ to ensure no pin holes are preent in the coating.
  • Apply a urethane mastic to seal along the joint between the pile & the pile cap.

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